Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bricklane on My Mind – The Brickhouse Relaunches

On Thursday I went down with a gaggle of girlies, to check out the re-opening of The Brickhouse.

I’m not too sure why it was re-launching, but having never visited before, I must say I was well impressed with the East London supperclub. Surely this is Brick lane’s classiest nightspot by far. Why had I never visited before?

What’s The Deal:
This three-tiered warehouse-style restaurant and bar is seriously cool.

A semi-circular stage on the ground floor bar is the main focus. Upstairs a mezzanine dining area overlooks the stage and one mezzanine up higher is the Bedroom Bar. Tilt your head upwards on entering and you can see all three floors and all the way up to the roof.

We were treated to a host of cabaret entertainment including a toned bare-chested male acrobat; a sparkly stiletto wearing hula-hooper, another man throwing shapes on material suspended from the ceiling (see image above), and my personal fave, a chav burlesque dancer.

Canapés: We ate rare tuna cubes with wasabi and watercress; tomato, goat’s cheese and basil crostinis; and a posh version of mushroom volovants.

Other highlights included two larger than life drag queens trying to jump the queue in the ladies loo and a real live snake being passed from person to person as the ultimate neck accessory.

Foodie in London would be just delighted if the management would like to invite her into review ; )

The Brickhouse:
The Brickhouse

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  1. A gaggle of girlies, often wondered what the collective name would be. lol. Great post, looks and sounds really nice.