Friday, 6 August 2010

Breakfast Club, Shoreditch

It may just all be in the clever title, but everyone seems to want to be a part of The Breakfast Club right now.

I popped down to the all day diner in Shoreditch for a sunny Sunday brunch with one of my best pals and there was a queue of Hoxton trendies half way down the road all waiting for their morning fix.

Breakfast Club, What’s The Deal: Inside, retro light fittings, mix and match chairs and tables (all from e.bay or second hand furniture shops), kitsch old signs and the odd plastic palm tree, are all thrown together to make a no-fuss, laid back eatery.

Breakfast Club, On The Menu: I had blueberry stacked pancakes with a side of crispy bacon. These were tasty although not show stopping and the side of maple syrup could have been a bit more generous. Not a patch on the US pancake houses where they trust you with your very own maple syrup jar at each table.

Still, food is reasonably priced and perfect for hangovers and I’m guessing about 70% of the diners were in exactly that state as they chatted away piecing together hazy memories of Saturday night’s shenanigans.

Check out the smoothies, which you can have by the jug. We went for Return of The Redeye - blueberry, raspberry, passion fruit, orange and hangover boost.

Breakfast Club, Toilet Watch: Possibly best of all is the bogs. Not only is each cubicle dressed in retro wallpaper – Fraggle Rock being my personal favourite – but those waiting for a pee can have a boogie in the queue in the ‘World’s Smallest Disco’. Yes, the hallway has it’s very own set of disco lights and music.

Breakfast Club, The Final Word: See you there next Sunday.

Breakfast Club, How Do I Get There?:

The Breakfast Club Cafes are in Soho, Angel and Hoxton:


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  2. Hah, I'm one of those who is capable to emptying a bottle of maple syrup over my pancakes!

    Anyway, The Breakfast Club over here in Angel is always full during weekends and yes, a snaking queue outside as well.

    Not tried it before, just couldn't wait and have to settle for the local pubs' brunch instead. Oh well...


  3. Hey C K,

    The Hoxton one is a lot bigger than the one in the Angel so you should get served more quickly.

    I've seen the weekend queue outside the Angel Breakfast Club. Long!

    x x

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