Thursday, 13 September 2012

Dirty Burger, London

As the capital’s current trend for fast food continues, (you’re a nobody if you’re not opening a pop-up American restaurant in trendy Dalston; burger-van-turned-restaurant; or somewhere to sink your teeth into overpriced hot dogs), I decided to get in on the action and headed up to Kentish Town to visit Dirty Burger.

Dirty Burger by Soho House

Those of you, who are true to the plight of the street food movement, should look away now as this little burger shack is brought to you by world-dominating Soho House. It’s part of the group’s new development, which also includes a Pizza East and another US-inspired diner Chicken Shop.


Dirty Burger: What’s Inside?

The place is simple. One table, a few stools and some mustard and ketchup bottles here and there in a small but bright corrugated iron shed.

The menu? Literally a cheeseburger, onion rings, crinkle cut fries and milkshakes. The burger was good – a solid flavoursome meat pattie, slightly sweet glazed burger bun, properly melted cheese, lettuce,  and a slice of tomato and pickle garnish.

The crinkle-cut chips were triple cooked salty deliciousness, and the (red) onion rings were (I think I read this somewhere) beer battered.

Dirty Burger: What’s The Verdict?

Yes I did feel a little dirty when I left but who doesn’t after a US-style fast food feast? If you’re craving a burger this is as worthy a place as any to get your fix, and if you really feel the burger guilt afterwards, you can always walk it off on The Heath.

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