Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rita’s Bar & Dining in Dalston

So I finally made it to Rita’s Bar & Dining … without my camera. Duh! So I just want to tell you about the food really quickly.
Not sure what you call it. US fast food but posh? Whatever you coin it though, it was awesome and I’m plotting my return, to work my way through the specials.
Damn Tasty Food at Rita’s Pop-Up in Dalston
*Green Chilli Mac & Cheese – was the tastiest I have experienced in a while. Fat, soft pasta tubes, zingy and spicy from the green chilli, made with strong mature cheese and orangey in colour so I think there was a hint of tomato in there too.
*Fried Chicken Roll – Gorgeous.  Just fried chicken in a bun but crispy, and topped with a garlicky, delicious burger type sauce and thin strands of lettuce.
*Patty Melt – the grilled rye bread works so well with the juicy rare and soft beef in the middle. Another moreish snack-worthy winner.
*Soy & Ginger Hot Wings - And finally the piece de resistance. Oh mamma, check out a plate of those when stoned/ hungover/ starving (delete as appropriate). Let’s just say they were finger-lickin’.
We washed all of this down with a few Frozen Rita’s. Standard.
What’s Wrong with Rita’s in Dalston?
The negatives? No bookings and the unfortunate placing slap bang in the middle of Dalston, which one of my friends aptly named as the new Kavos.
Therefore if you want to ensure a seat on arrival, arrive early and the get the hell out before the trendies besiege in the evening ready to party at the downstairs live music bar Birthdays.
Why is Rita’s Rita’s in Dalston?
I’m not actually sure why it’s called Rita’s but the pop-up is a collaboration between Jackson Boxer (Brunswick House Café), REAL GOLD, Gabriel Pryce & Missy Flynn.

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