Saturday, 24 September 2011

Harvest At Jimmy’s Festival, Suffolk

I’m back from a whirlwind weekend at Harvest at Jimmy’s Farm in Suffolk. The access all areas pass and role of looking after all press for the weekend certainly gave me a different viewpoint of the festival happenings and an excuse to…

1.Grab Antony Worrall Thomson as he came off the Chef’s Stage and ask him to taste Andy Bates AKA Pie Man’s rhubarb and custard pie – he obliged most charmingly.

2. Take photographers into the pit right at the front of the Village Garden stage and get a chance to see the acts so close I was practically up there with them. Highlight: the amazing Fat Freddy’s Drop in glorious melodic action right in-front of my face.

3.Run around after the delightful Jimmy Doherty asking him to talk to various people and take numerous press snaps – despite having 20,000 people pile onto his farm over the weekend, not once did he stop smiling.

4. Get the front row action of Jimmy’s sausage eating contest – the winner was a svelte-looking teenage Suffolk boy who pretty much ate his own body weight in sausages.
5. See the lovely Street Kitchen collect the award for best main dish - well done guys!

6. Watch Dobie from Fat Freddy's Drop prepare his dinner party favourite wonton with prawn and abelone, (a New Zealand shellfish), at the Chef's Unplugged stage.

7.Meet the guinea pigs with the best home in the UK.

See you next year:

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